Improve Search Traffic (For Free)

Improve Search Traffic (For Free)

WHAT are Google Webmaster Tools?
This is part of Google’s free suite of tools for website publishers, owners, developers…
WHY do I need it?
It allows you to check your website is up to latest web standards and also warns you of any errors that may affect its performance.
WHERE do I find it?
Sign In FIRST to Gmail or GSuite mail account linked to your website. Now search on Google for Google_Search_Console . Webmaster is part of Search_Console. If you don’t know which account is linked, talk to your website developer.
HOW do I use it?
This should already be setup for you by any good website developer. So once you sign in ( with correct email ID) , you see a list of tools for checking your site.
HOW do I monitor your site?
Check the Messages section on the left. Google will alert you if there are any problems on your site. Inform your web developer immediately.
How Do I improve my site?
See HTML_Improvements section. If there are any suggestions, point it out to your web developer.
How do I Increase Search Traffic?
Increasing Search traffic to your site is everyone’s target. Use Search_Improvements section to add check & add new tech such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) , Rich Cards, Structured Data & Data Highlighter. Most of this is technical, but if you are in a highly competitive space, everything matters.
How Do I get a Third Party Evaluation of my Website?
Simple. Contact us on [email protected] All hotels get a free onetime website check & list of errors to be corrected. Improvements list is also given.

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