APH DirectMail Bulk Email System

Send Perfect Custom Bulk Emails with 100% Inbox Delivery

APH DirectMail, is a personalised bulk email system , built using the latest web standards and guarantees 100% email delivery for active guest email lists. Inform your guests & Action your efforts  to achieve high customer interaction and website sales. Each Customer can get an email addressed to them by name and with relevant offer details, using guest segmentation. Deploy advanced Email Auto Responders to further increase sales conversion.

Example Of APH DirectMail Campaign

Personalised Email

Personalised Email means that each email recipient gets an email with their name with personalised content and relevant details. Customer Segmentation allows you to send different offers to different customers. For example, customer segment of  loyalty card members can be sent a higher quality offer than regular guests.

It has become imperative to send relevant offers at relevant time to each guest. This helps increase conversions and improves brand image and the feeling that hotel cares for the guests.

Assured Inbox Delivery of Email

Assured Inbox Delivery is a premium service provided by AriaProHotels. We check each email id for 99% deliverability, email content for personalisation, email title and A/B testing to ensure highest possible deliverability, to get past most common spam filters on GSuite, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and MS Outlook email systems.

It is the need of the hour and all marketing activities have to be designed around email conversions, so as to increase the profit and turnover of each room night.

Auto Responder Email or Drip Campaign

Auto Responder or Drip Email Campaigns, is a premium service, that allows you to send automated email responses to various triggers, such as  user signups , offer acceptance, or other triggers.

It is possible to integrate a host of triggers, by using the API provided by APH Directmail which will require customers to opt for special custom integration packages.

Some of the special use Cases available are

A) Offer Acceptance – Customer clicks on a special link and triggers an offer acceptance email  with a payment link attached.

B) Customer Makes their first reservation – triggers a special email providing all information about hotel and facilities.

C) Multi level campaigns are also possible. For example, customer subscribe for email newsletter triggers offer email.  Offer acceptance in email triggers a coupon code for use in Hotel Booking Engine for final booking.

Other Premium Services

Some of the Premium Services available are

A) Auto Responder Campaigns

B) Multi responder Campaigns

C) Full Custom HTML & Email Design.

D) Integration with various external trigger sources or data updating of email reports to external data sources.

E) Custom Software Integrations using APH DirectMail software API.

Data Privacy Terms & Conditions

Your use of APH DirectMail implies acceptance of APH Data Privacy Policy. Please see the Summary below.

  1. Hotel or Client certifies that All Data Uploaded as email list has been obtained by legal means and is used with consent of email recipient.
  2. Use of purchased commercial email lists is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of account, pending deletion.
  3. AriaProHotels certifies and assures that none of its team, except sysadmin,  has access to the list or account , once the initial setup is done, and password reset is done. Customer may reset their password using available controls to the password of their choice.  After this password reset, they remain solely responsible for all actions of omission and commission. Initial password is to be changed after first sign on. Using this initial password after first sign-in, is at the sole risk of the client or customer, and we are not responsible for any consequences of the same.
  4. AriaProHotels retains a backup copy of all data for ensuring the continuous operation of the system for all clients. Your Email lists are backed up in an encrypted format which is not human readable  and can be restored to its last backup only. Backups are done weekly or monthly, depending on your account send status. Restore fee for each restore will be charged, and cannot be done free of cost. There will be a time interval between request for restore and actual restore, and you are requested to keep this in mind.
  5. Our email Sender will suspend any email which bounces even once for any reason and same email is removed from sending list immediately. Your account should maintain a bounce rate of below 2% or will be suspended immediately, pending investigation.
  6. All bills, invoices, amounts payable must be paid in advance under any and all circumstances, to keep sending account in current status, and avoid suspension .
  7. Any account which is unused for over 90 days, will be suspended, and any account unused over 120 days will be deleted, without any information to client. One Suspension Notice will be sent to client, 15 days before deletion.
  8. All Government regulations of disclosure will be adhered to , as per written request from authorities.
  9. All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. You are requested to revisit this page to check the same from time to time. All efforts will be made to inform clients of changes in policy , well before time. Full Data Privacy Policy is available on request. Please write to ariaprohotels@kalltrip.com